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Computer Repair

The experts at STC are here and ready to help you solve all your problems. By staying on top of technology as it quickly approaches, we will provide you with the technical freedom you need. By letting us service your computers, you can guarantee quality service.

Your computer may have all the possibilities of crashing, running sluggish, or maybe even catching a virus. STC can provide excellent service while taking care of your computer and keeping it up to standards.

By letting STC maintenance your business or home computer you can ensure uptime by avoiding annoying problems and unexpected results. All computer builds and operating system reinstallations are done offsite, due to the length of time required to complete the service. Average turnaround time for this level of service is 48 hours.

We offer a 30 day work guarantee on all services provided.

Did you pay for that expensive warranty for your name brand computer and it's about to run out? At STC, we can run diagnostic programs that can detect if any of your computer hardware parts are about to fail.

When it comes to servicing your computer, we strive to provide quality business for not only businesses, but home PC users in Louisville and surrounding areas.

The experts at can:

  • Fix problem encountered with all standard hardware and software
  • Perform the service and repair in your business or home office
  • Upgrades and computer repair
  • Update your operating system with hot fixes, drivers and security updates
  • Train you on how to operate your computers and keep them updated so you encounter fewer problems
  • Provide hardware and software upgrade advice
  • Provide the software to enable us to service your computers remotely
  • Service your computers in privacy and confidentiality
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