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STC MySecureBackup

SolarTeks is now offering online backup, or remote backup services. This is a method of storing data where files, folders, entire hard drives and even servers can be regularly backed up on a remote server. Many people know of this as using a “cloud”. The benefit of this backup method is that risk of catastrophic data loss due to fire, theft, file corruption or other disaster is significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

With STC MySecureBackup service, we will set up a schedule for your data to be backed up regularly. You pay, based on the amount of space your data is using. You are able to access your data at any point with just an internet connection. Using SolarTeks for this service ensures you get the same personal, prompt service you always get from us, with extra personal support that is not provided with other services.

We have a range of services to suit needs of individuals all the way to larger enterprises. This can provide a convenient solution in environments with multiple users because it does not require downtime, as the conventional offline backup method does.

If you are interested in exploring this backup option for either personal or business reasons, please contact us today to get this setup.

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